Homeward Bound: Saturday- Day 7

After staying up until two in the morning playing Mafia and trying to ignore the fact that our time was almost up, we woke up this morning before the crack of dawn. As our final adventure, we decided to walk down to the beach to see the sunrise. It was chilly and cloudy, and at … Continue reading Homeward Bound: Saturday- Day 7


Empowered by Change: Friday- Day 6

An extra hour of sleep works wonders for the constantly, ever-so sleepy, college student. With no rush this morning, we took our sweet time rolling out of bed and grabbing breakfast. Our first activity of the day was a training by Darkness to Light, an organization dedicated to empowering people to prevent child sexual abuse. … Continue reading Empowered by Change: Friday- Day 6

Without the Chains and the Shackles: Monday- Day 2

Our first full day in Miami did not disappoint! Exhausted from yesterday still (and maybe from staying up a bit too late), we started off the day with breakfast. After raiding the fridge and cracking through about a dozen eggs, we were well-fed and ready to get started. (We’re getting this kitchen thing down!) Today … Continue reading Without the Chains and the Shackles: Monday- Day 2