Meet the Team



Originally from: Fort Myers, Florida
Year of study: Junior
Major: Social Work
Minors: Sociology; Psychology
Post-graduation: I plan on going to grad school to get my Masters in Social Work. After that, I plan on getting licensed and opening up my own practice
Reason for going on trip: I am going on this trip because human trafficking is a global issue that is not recognized nearly as much as it should be
Fun facts:  I love to geocache




Originally from: Pasto, a very small city located in southern Colombia
Year of study: Junior
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Post-graduation: Graduate program in neuroscience
Reason for going on trip: Human trafficking has always had a huge impact in my life because in my home country this is such a big issue that affects people from all social classes, races, and cultures. I was taught about this in school since I was young because the community wanted to prevent young girls from being victims of human trafficking.
Fun fact: I love to sing in my car and I don’t care when people look at me from their cars. If I like the song, I will show it! 🙂




Originally from: Connecticut, but Jacksonville, Florida is my home
Year of study: Sophomore
Major: Writing and Rhetoric
Minors: Nonprofit Management; Diversity and Social Inequality
Post-graduation: I hope to work with a nonprofit organization
Reason for going on trip: Volunteering, giving back, and advocating is something I’m incredibly passionate about because I firmly believe in the concept of equality. Human trafficking is one of those issues that’s still shockingly prevalent but is often swept under the rug because of its lack of visibility. I want to educate myself in recognizing the signs and learn what steps can be taken to end this modern day slavery, because every person deserves the right to live freely.
Fun fact: Harry Potter is one of my very favorite things in life, and the first time I walked into Diagon Alley at Universal I cried (and if we’re being honest, I still tear up every time I go!).




Originally from: Tampa/Lutz, but I now live in northern Virginia, not far from DC
Year of study: Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Post-graduation: When I finish school I would like to be marketing in the music industry whether for a music festival or record label
Reason for going on trip: I remember reading a fictional story about someone who went on a vacation and was human trafficked and since then I’ve wanted to educated myself on the topic and do what I can to combat this horrible crime.
Fun fact: I’m a huge music lover. I sing, play the piano, and ukulele! I also make YouTube videos sometimes. 🙂 




Originally from: Miami, Florida
Year of study: Senior
Major: International Global Studies
Minor: Intelligence and National Security
Post-graduation: I would like to work with the intelligence community to combat human trafficking and other various human rights infractions internationally.
Reason for going on trip: To learn and experience more about how to combat human trafficking.
Fun fact: I have traveled to three countries and have ridden a water buffalo.




Originally from: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Year of study: Senior
Major: Psychology
Post-graduation: Graduate School in Social Work and Public Health
Reason for going on trip: I want to work with human trafficking victims in the future, and I believe this will be a unique learning experience
Fun facts: I am a poultritarian




Originally from: New York
Year of study: Senior
Major: Human Resources Management
Certificate: Teaching English in Foreign Language (TEFL) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Essentials of HR Management
Post-graduation: I want to teach abroad in either Japan, South Korea, or China to keep learning and being engaged within different cultures. After, I want to work in the diversity and inclusion department for an organization to help out those in the disability, mental health, minority, and female communities go beyond a glass ceiling.
Reason for going on trip: I want to learn about other causes by being knowledgeable and helping out. The trip will give me more exposure and allow me to see how I can make a difference not only in Miami but carry it to other areas as well. Sex Trafficking is a major problem that takes away many lives away and tears down communities, families, and individuals. Being able to make a direct impact only helps me to grow as an individual. I am looking forward for the trip to spend time with a great group, make an impact, and leave with a bam.
Fun Fact: I am currently in the AmeriCorps Public Allies Cohort for 2016-2017 with the Center for Independent Living and in the New Leaders Council Cohort for 2017




Originally from: New York, but after a few years my family moved to Orlando and have been living here since.
Year of study: Senior
Major: Sociology
Minor: Criminal Justice
Post-graduation: I would like to work as a Victim Advocate for a few years, before continuing my education.
Reason for going on trip: I wanted to try something new for spring break. When I saw this opportunity I knew I wanted to go and help. Also, I have been learning about human trafficking, so I wanted to go on this trip to understand and help the community dealing with it.
Fun Fact: This is my first Alternative Break Program trip.



Mary- Trip coordinator

Originally from: Orlando, Florida
Year of study: Senior
Major: Sociology
Minor: Health sciences
Post-graduation: TBD 🙂
Reason for planning the trip: Human trafficking is global issue that we hear about almost on a daily basis, but many of us do not know how we can help the problem. As a student, I wanted to know more about how we can contribute. By participating in this program, we will be raising awareness on the issue and increasing our knowledge about how to prevent and combat trafficking. Additionally, we will be able to educate others as well.
Fun fact: I went on a road trip to Canada last summer



Kensington- Faculty Advisor

Education: Earned Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from The Florida State University. He has an MBA and recently earned his Master of Arts degree in Sociology here at UCF
Position: Assistant Director for Regional Campuses and RSO’s, works with students on the Regional Outreach Services (ROS) team to provide programs and services to UCF’s 10 Regional Campuses. Also, oversees the registered student organizations area for OSI, and Chairs the Who’s Who Scholarship that is awarded annually. Additionally, works with the Graduate Outreach (GO) team that provides services and programs that geared towards graduate students.
Experience: Worked with diversity/inclusion, transfer students, fraternity and sorority life, financial aid, underrepresented students, and student organization advising.